Episode 4 - Thrift Store Design Challenge

August 31, 2015

On this installment of the PhantomCast I ramble on a bit about the #ThriftStoreDesignChallenge I made up and started doing, as well as more on Dicey Dungeon Delve. For my misguided insight I tackle two topics. What to do with feedback, and how my games go from twinklings in my mind meats to prototype and, if I'm really lucky, to being sold.

Special thanks to Andy Lenox for suggesting part of the topic this week, and giving me use of some of his music for the intro and outro of the podcast. Listen to Cranial Grass (the one I used) and more at diver.bandcamp.com.
As always all ideas and names presented here are property of Phantom Nimbus Games and Beau Severson.