Episode 12 - PhantomCast Rising (Again)

August 31, 2016

The podcast rises! Again! After a new contract change I have a daily commute again. That means if I can use my travel time to write my game design stuff down, I will spout it into the aether for all you fine people again.

Today I talk about a few designs I have kicking around in the old noodle and how my tabletop RPG obsession has been spinning into my design work. Mostly I just drone on about game designs, but check it out anyway.
Also, this one is out on a Wednesday. I think that is new, I forgot most of my old release schedule, and will be adjusting to a new one. Keep an eye out for new episodes by adding us in your podcatcher of choice.
Special thanks to Andy Lenox for use of some of his music for the intro and outro of the podcast. Listen to Cranial Grass (the one I used) and more at diver.bandcamp.com.

As always all ideas and names presented here are property of Phantom Nimbus Games and Beau Severson.